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About Ahmed Fasih

The blog title comes from Professor Richard Hamming’s motto, “The purpose of computation is insight, not numbers” (SIAM).

I sling JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, C, and friends, for fun and profit. After enjoying programming for years, I discovered applied math in mid-undergrad, and through various adventures in grad school and industry, I wound up learning a lot about signal processing, machine learning, and scientific computing.

When I’m not writing code or applying math, I enjoy studying the languages and literatures of the Japanese, Chinese, Greek, and Indian civilizations.

Unless otherwise noted, this blog’s contents are dedicated to the public domain CC0.


My pronouns are he/them/any. 👋! Since this website has absolutely zero visitor tracking or analytics, I won’t know who you are unless you write to me, so please do!

Electronic mail me, (ahmed) ΑΤ ( 🤙 (Though, nota bene, if you ask me to work at your company, I may not respond—it sometimes takes a lot of energy to figure out how to say “no” and I sometimes can’t; also I might complain about your interview process)

My code repos on GitHub. 🦉

My code Q&A on StackOverflow, though I’ve slowed down in this era of large language models. 🐒

I toot on Mastodon (currently on hiatus). 🐘

(I do some GoodReads and Memrise, and seem to have a LinkedIn.)


Pandoc is great. SVG-Edit is wow. We also use Klipse for interactive code execution, highlight.js for syntax highlighting, JSDOM for server-side rendering as much as we can, and MathJax and mathjax-node-page or KaTeX for equations. Plotly is clutch for plots.

(Image credits: banner—self, at Glen Helen Nature Preserve, Yellow Springs, Ohio, USA. I reserve all rights on this banner image.)