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About Ahmed Fasih

The blog title comes from Professor Richard Hamming’s motto, “The purpose of computation is insight, not numbers” (SIAM).

After enjoying programming for years, I discovered applied math in mid-undergrad. I decided it would be harder and therefore more interesting than “just” software engineering. After years of grad school (ABD in electrical engineering from Ohio State), then working in the lovely D.C. metro area, I revised my views and came back to Ohio as a full-stack developer who just happens to know a lot about signal processing, machine learning, and scientific computing.

I sling JavaScript, TypeScript, Clojure/Script, Elm, Julia, Python, Matlab, and C for fun and profit. And when I’m not writing code or applying math, I enjoy studying the languages and literatures of Icelandic, Persian, Chinese, and Japanese civilizations.

I have a wonderful family. Here we are, in disguise!, circa mid-2015—Emily as Poirot, Alistair as Joseph Steel, Basile as Charlie Chaplain, and Ahmed (me) as Dalí:


Unless otherwise noted, this blog’s contents are dedicated to the public domain CC0.


I’m a “he/him”, with no PhD or academic post, so don’t “Doctor” or “Professor” me 👋.

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Pandoc is good. Modest CSS is great. SVG-Edit is amazing. We also use Klipse for interactive code execution, highlight.js for syntax highlighting, JSDOM for server-side rendering as much as we can, and MathJax and mathjax-node-page for equations.

(Image credits: banner—self, at Glen Helen Nature Preserve, Yellow Springs, Ohio, USA. Family—self. For both: all rights reserved.)