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About Ahmed Fasih

The blog title comes from Professor Richard Hamming’s motto, “The purpose of computation is insight, not numbers” (SIAM).

I sling JavaScript, TypeScript, Elm, C, C++, Julia, Python, and Matlab for fun and profit. After enjoying programming for years, I discovered applied math in mid-undergrad, and through various adventures in grad school (ABD in electrical engineering) and industry, I wound up learning a lot about signal processing, machine learning, and scientific computing.

When I’m not writing code or applying math, I enjoy studying the languages and literatures of the Japanese, Chinese, Greek, and Indian civilizations.

Unless otherwise noted, this blog’s contents are dedicated to the public domain CC0.


I’m a “he/him”, with no PhD or academic post, so don’t “Doctor” or “Professor” me. 👋! Since this website has absolutely zero visitor tracking or analytics, I won’t know who you are unless you write to me, so please do!

Electronic mail will always work: (ahmed) ΑΤ ( 🤙

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(I used to be active on the Koohii forum, Memrise, Twitter, and G+.)


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